Revue des études sur la composition et les mécanismes d’action

Revue des études sur la composition, les mécanismes d’action, les formes galéniques, la toxicologie et l’épidémiologie d’Artemisia afra
IMG: Formes galéniques Cet article regroupe les publications consacrées aux formes pharmaceutiques d’Artemisia afra Jaq.
2005James Tshikosa Mukinda Acute and chronic toxicity of the flavonoid- containing plant, Artemisia afra in rodents A thesis submitted in partial (...)
IMG: Artemisia afra Pharmacokinetic 2004Raymond Muganga Luteolin Levels in Selected Folkloric Preparations and the Bioavailability of Luteolin from Artemisia afra Aqueous Extract in the (...)
IMG: Artemisia afra Jacq. Composition and Mechanisms This article presents and provides access to scientific publications on the phytochemical composition of Artemisia annua and the mechanisms of action of (...)
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