Etudes in vivo

Artemisia annua L..

Ce dossier regroupe des articles publiés concernant l’activité in vivo d’Artemisia annua L.
IMG: Etudes in vivo de la tisane d'Artemisia annua sur le Plasmodium falciparum This article identifies and provides access to studies on the antimalarial properties of Artemisia annua extracts. The publications are ordered (...)
This document summarizes studies on Artemisia annua anti-infectious activities other than anti-malarial, and on the potential usefulness of extracts of (...)
Action in vivo de la poudre de parties aériennes d’Artemisia annua sur la Malaria (Modèle animal)2012Mostafa A. Elfawal, Melissa J. Towler, Nicholas G. (...)
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